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Zhejiang Baosheng Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Shengzhou City, a famous city for home appliances. Our Company is China Inflatable Fans Suppliers and OEM/ODM Inflatable Fans Manufacturers. It is a self-export enterprise specializing in the production of industrial heaters, heaters, air coolers, dehumidifiers, etc. Products are exported to the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Spain, Spain, the Middle East, and other countries. Since its establishment, Zhejiang Zhehui Intelligent Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has developed into a one-stop assembly line production integrating new product development, stamping, and spraying assembly through continuous efforts and exploration. Baosheng actively participates in the fierce market competition with material selection, advanced design technology, standardized operation, strict testing, scientific management, service, rigorous and pragmatic style, and strides towards the development direction of scale and collectivization.

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1. What’s special about our inflatable fans?
As a leader in the field of inflatable fans, our products have many unique features in design and functionality. We focus on product lightweight and portability. Made of high-strength lightweight materials, our inflatable fans not only provide excellent durability, but also reduce the weight of the product as much as possible, making it easy to carry and move. This allows users to easily carry the inflatable fan during outdoor activities and enjoy cooling anytime and anywhere.
Our inflatable fans have a simple design and stylish appearance. We focus on ergonomic design to ensure that our products look beautiful and feel comfortable. The simple appearance design not only meets modern aesthetic needs, but also enhances the user experience of the product. Whether it's outdoor adventure or indoor relaxation, our inflatable fans bring fresh air and comfort to users.
Our inflatable fans also offer versatility. In addition to basic ventilation functions, our products are also equipped with additional functions such as LED lights and USB charging ports to meet the diverse needs of users in different scenarios. For example, during camping or outdoor activities, LED lights can provide lighting; when working indoors or resting, the USB charging port can charge mobile phones or tablets, providing convenience to users.

2. How does our inflatable fan provide the best wind effect?
The wind effect of the inflatable fan directly affects the user experience. To ensure the best air efficiency, we use advanced fan design and structure. Our fans are equipped with high-efficiency motors to provide powerful wind output. Even a small inflatable fan can generate enough wind power to meet the user's ventilation needs. The use of high-efficiency motors not only ensures the performance stability of the product, but also extends the service life of the product.
Our inflatable fan has a multi-speed wind speed adjustment function, and users can adjust the wind speed according to their needs and environment. Whether you need strong wind power to dissipate heat, or want to enjoy the breeze quietly and comfortably, our inflatable fans can meet the needs of users. The multi-speed wind speed adjustment function makes the product more flexible and suitable for different usage scenarios and seasons.
Our inflatable fan adopts an intelligent wind direction adjustment design, which can adjust the fan's swing angle to make the wind cover a wider range and achieve better wind efficiency. Whether used by a single person or shared by multiple people, our inflatable fans can effectively provide users with a comfortable ventilation experience.